When we say ‘let’s talk’, what we mean is, ‘let’s really talk.’

Not about what you think you need. Not about the design you really dig. That’s a conversation for followers, not forgers of new frontiers. And we hate to drop a truth bomb here, but that kind of discussion should sound alarm bells. It’s not conductive to the onset of design thinking and the creation of truly effective intellectual property (IP), which is ultimately the key to your business succeeding in its market. Rather, it’s a one-way ticket to mediocrity, to leading your business straight to no man’s land, where it will languish (somewhere … anywhere) behind the market leader.

So when you come to Voice, what will we talk about? In a nutshell: you. Who you are. The seed your company sprang from. The fire that fuels it. The fear that underpins it. Your wildest aspirations for it. We’ll leave no stone unturned in discovering your story.

We know this is a little different from the usual trajectory of a client/design firm relationship, which is generally kicked off with the presentation of a brief from client to designer. Briefs are pretty standard affairs—they reel off a company’s background, list the products and services they sell/offer, document the desired deliverables and pinpoint a deadline for launch to market.

It’s an amiable introduction, for sure. However, for us, it’s also the equivalent of a polite handshake or courteous small talk. In reality, this scant information offers limited value in creating design of substance moving forward.

This is because at Voice, we are design thinkers. We want to create intelligent design, design that works, design that invokes trust, triggers emotion and encourages loyal followers. We want to create design that is worth something, design that can handle the long haul. But we can’t begin to do this until we have fossicked and excavated to the raw matter. This process rarely resembles a traditional brief with standard questions you might expect, which may feel a little uncomfortable at first. For a start, it’s not a document we send you away with. Instead, we like to sit at the same table as you and probe the hard questions—why you are in business, what drove you to take that leap into becoming a business founder in the first place, and what sets your business apart from the pack. Most importantly, we need to know what you believe in.

It is through these deep discussions that the power of your business will truly emerge. We see it time and time again—founders having a revelation or epiphany of the possibilities abounding and the spectacular potential their business wields. This is precisely why there’s no point in you coming to us in the early stages and telling us what you need. The reality is you can’t possibly know until we start digging.

Of course, we get that every business needs certain tools to showcase themselves to the market, things like a website, a label, imagery, excellent copywriting and/or a brand image—but it’s the IP these contain and present to your audience that will ensure how successfully they serve you.

Design thinking is what brings that IP to life. And design thinking starts with great conversation. It’s the only way we can find your fit, build your bigger picture and create you an identity that both soars and sustains. And that’s why we get so damn excited about it.

We’re ready to chat more when you are.