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Double-ended goblet to mark 20 years in the business.

20 years ago, we (being Scott and Anthony) founded Voice fresh out of university. We were crazy passionate about intelligent design (still are) and couldn’t fathom a life as creators who were governed by the clock (still can’t). Yes, we wanted to be cool and clever, but mostly we wanted our design to be meaningful, have purpose and kick goals.

For two decades, this focus has never wavered; if anything, we’re more pumped than ever to create valuable designs that work hard and achieve greatness. We figured 20 years in the biz, stronger than ever and still sharing the same vision, was well worth celebrating. And so, we threw a party with all our nearest and dearest at Madre, and designed a bespoke double-ended wine goblet/art piece to mark the occasion. One end signified 20 years gone, the other welcomed in the next 20.

Here’s to yesterday. To 20 years of lessons learned. Of making mistakes and scoffing humble pie. Of searing ambition and colt-like zeal. Of clocking experience. Of working deep into the night and with the rise of the sun. Our first paid job. Our education (the real one, not the piece of paper). Our wild ideas. Our fails. Our evolution.

Here’s to our wins. The fancy awards we suited up for. The work we nailed. The sales we increased. The mentors who guided us. The maestros that inspired us. The rivals who drove us. Here’s to our staff, raging talents who make us burn with pride. Our ever-patient families, who know we can’t switch off and love us anyway. Our clients, most of whom double as friends, teammates and comrades.

Here’s to us and our history. Two lanky man-boys who met at uni and bonded over a love of great design and a desire to honour it, always.

Here’s to tomorrow. To the 20 years still to come. The clients we’re yet to meet. The design work we’re yet to do.

Here’s to prizing intellectual property above the need to be cute and clever. Building brands with a meaningful difference. Helping businesses debut in the market with a bang. To the extreme make-overs we’re yet to orchestrate. To positioning our clients at the head of the pack. Creating a legacy of success, for generations to come.

Here’s to being a vintage drop (rare, a few bucks more but worth every drop). To being older and wiser. To the smarts, the instincts, the experience and the open minds (and ears). And here’s to more growth. As lifelong learners, we will always seek it, voraciously.

A special thanks to South Australian Jam Factory CEO, Brian Parkes; Head of Studio/Glass, Kristel Britcher; and Studio Tenant, Llewelyn Ash for doing such a great job on blowing the glass goblets; Ettore Bertonati and the Madre family; Finsbury Green Executive Director, Mark Orel; Glass Print Managing Director, David Lucas; Ball & Doggett Business Development Executive, Brenton Hill; and Photographer, Che Chorley.

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