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Richard Angove is the fifth generation in the Angove wine and distilling family, best known for producing St Agnes, Australia’s most famous brandy, for over 90 years. A super smart and considerate thinker, Richard has a deep respect for the rich history of his legacy and an inspiring vision for its future.

Our minds started ticking as soon as Richard told us of the double distilled, super-premium Single Malt Whiskies laid down in 2016 by master distiller Ben Horley. These primo drops have been distilled through the original Copper Pot Stills installed at the St Agnes Distillery in 1911, then matured in a stellar range of historical sherry, grand and rare tawny, wine and brandy casks from Angove and St Agnes. Full of character and vibrancy, these whiskies needed a story and identity that not only stamped their debut on the market, but also honoured the eons of experience and craftsmanship behind them.

Angove winery was established by Richard’s great-great-grandfather, Dr William Angove, in 1886. He was a fascinating fellow, a doctor and grape afficionado, always learning and perfecting new talents, always levelling up, always living richly and fully. Originally, Dr William Angove planted vines as a hobby, harvesting the fruit to create tonics to ease his patients’ ailments.

We wanted to give a nod to Dr William Angove by christening the whisky Camborne, after the Cornish town where he was born. It’s the ultimate full circle—Camborne birthed Dr William Angove, Dr William Angove birthed Angove, Angove birthed St Agnes Distillery and now St Agnes Distillery has birthed Camborne Single Malt Whisky.

This is what propels us out of bed each morning—working with founders with this kind of passion, reverence and drive for excellence.

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