Meet Scott and Anthony, founders of Voice, Candice and Rowan, our talented teammates. Anti-clock watchers. Avid perfectionists. We can put our hand on our hearts and say you’d be hard pressed to find four humans more passionate about design thinking, anywhere. It consumes us.

Our founder story began as two lanky, hairy man-boys studying design together at university. We were nuts about design and all these years later, we’re just as fanatical (we’re just less hairy and have a smidge more experience under our slightly wider belts).

We gravitated to one another because we were cut from the same cloth, on another plane to our peers, always thinking a little differently. We weren’t just design students, we were craftsmen, we were nitpickers and we didn’t want to just create pretty things. We wanted our work to influence.

We were 21 and 22 when we started Voice. We had to go out on our own, being pressured to pump out job after job after job was never going to work for us. Design thinkers need time to think.

So we threw out the clock. We stopped charging by the hour. We created our own opportunities. We channelled our relentless drive into those who understood it, our fellow founders, who truly get the difference between ‘work’ and ‘life’s work’.

22 years later, here we are. We’re still curious. We still love connecting with the like-minded (it’s our soul food). But now, being older and a bit wiser and with equally sharp and driven designers alongside us, we have a few fancy things on the wall to back up our passion. Like more than 200 industry awards from around the globe. We’ve also self published a couple of books, lectured at universities, exhibited internationally and have spoken at the largest and most prestigious design festival in the world. Plus some other stuff, which you can read about below.

But the most important thing to know about us is this: we get it. We get how you feel about what you do, and why you do it. We know how it feels when you can’t switch off or you’re awake with the sparrows because a light bulb’s gone off in your head.

We know because we feel exactly the same about what we do.



Design thinking starts now.

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